Nature’s Value

We are, and always have been, entirely dependent on Nature.

Make no mistake. Everything we have created; every artificial field blooming with wheat, every shiny new car, all the music that has ever been made – everything – boils down to one, unifying source: the Natural world.

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Whatever happened to being alone?

As far as we know, Human beings (Homo sapiens, that is) began to populate Eastern Africa around 150,000 years ago. Every single one of those people – smart, inventive people, living lives with just as many ecstatic highs and crushing lows as ours – lived without a mobile phone.

That’s 149,980 years of our collective history (if we say the mobile phone became commonplace in the last twenty years). Humans that looked just like us played out long lives and short lives, happy and sad existences; with many remarkable achievements and tragic losses – and all without the comfort of a mobile phone. Continue reading

Nature – the cure for your curiosity.

A sleepless night starts with a brain that buzzes with a thousand thoughts bouncing around your skull, electrified by a restlessness that goes right down to your stomach, and out through your veins to every corner of your body.

Maybe one thought has gripped you, and your tired mind chips away at it like a lonely miner, helplessly trying to extract all the world’s gold on his own. Or maybe it’s hundreds of thoughts clashing, desperately warring with each other, and nothing you do can quieten those endless worries.

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